About Me

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As a Senior UX Researcher with 10 years of industry expertise, I thrive in using research to develop effective strategies for 0-to-1 and existing products. With a diverse background conducting research in 9 different markets, I have honed my skills in handling complex projects that influence key business decisions across product and strategy.

My work fosters strong cross-functional relationships and collaboration among team members. My research has a reputation for driving high engagement across teams, and weaving together insights from research, design, data science, and business partners. By leveraging diverse data sources and linking them to specific business needs, I am able to shape experimentation, product, and strategy in a cohesive and impactful way.

My Work

Due to NDA agreements, the following work examples are from several years ago and more recent work cannot be displayed publicly. However, I would be happy to discuss them further in a private setting and share portfolio items that are not subject to similar restrictions.

Video Visits (2017)

Methods UsedUser Interviews | Service Design

Video Visits is a complex service that cuts across many digital and non-digital touchpoints. I led research to identify and address pain points that were impacting our connection rates. I worked with different teams to find areas to improve the service design to simplify the patient experience.

Cold and Flu (2017)

Methods UsedParticipatory Design Workshop

The cold and flu seasons generate an influx of patients seeking care from Kaiser Permanente physicians. I did user research to learn how we could reduce physician work by directing patients to the "Cold and Flu" section of My Doctor Online. Our goal was to better provide patients the guidance to determining if they need to be seen by a doctor.